The Ultimate Cheeseburger Pizza - Best Pizza & Grilled Hamburger Combination Ever - COOK WITH ME.AT
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Ingrediens for 2 Cheeseburger Pizza´s:

4 Hamburger Patties
4 Slices of Cheese
Grated Cheese
Pizza Dough
Tomato Sauce
and basically everything you would like to have on your pizza.



Cut out 6 Rounds from the pizza dough - should be the same size like your hamburger patties. Add some tomato sauce, spread evenly and put the greater cheese, mozzarella and chorizo onto the pizzettas (no idea if this is the right word for small pizza´s :p).

Place them into an hot oven or on indirect heat on the grill (around 180°C /356°F) and bake for approx. 10 min until finished.

Grill the burgers, add cheese after flipping and let it melt. Build your cheeseburgers by using the pizza as „bun“ and enjoy!

Stay tuned see you soon, your Christian from COOK WITH ME.AT


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