Creamy Chili Cheese Burger - Grilled Hamburger with Alfredo Sauce & Bacon - COOK WITH ME.AT
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Ingrediens for 2 Creamy Chili Cheese Burgers

2 Burger Buns
2 Beef Patties
2 Slices of Cheese
Sweet Chili Sauce
8 ounces of Cream Cheese
50 g Butter
2 cups of Heavy Whipping Cream
1 1/2 cups of Half & Half
2 cups of grated Parmesan
1 tablespoon of Italian Seasoning
1 tablespoon of Onion Powder
1 tablespoon of Garlic Powder



Preheat a pot over medium and add the butter and the cream cheese. Add the liquids, season with the Italian seasoning, garlic and onion powder. Warm up, occasionally whip, grate the Parmesan and add as well. Cook until thickened for approximately 15 min.

Then grill the Hamburger over direct heat for approx. 2-3 min (according to the size of your patty) and flip.

On a toasted bun, add some sweet chili sauce and the lettuce, place the burger bun on top and pour over some Alfred Sauce and enjoy!

Stay tuned see you soon, your Christian from COOK WITH ME.AT


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