Is Curry "Western" Food? Three recipes.
Curry: a dish that belongs to everywhere, and nowhere. In China and Japan, it's served alongside Western food like Steak and Omelettes. Why?

0:00 - Wait, isn't curry Indian?
1:36 - Curry hits Hong Kong
3:38 - Hong Kong Curry Recipe
7:02 - Curry hits Japan
8:32 - Japanese Curry Recipe
11:32 - C'mon, Thai curry isn't Western...
13:25 - Curry Powder Fried Seafood Recipe

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20g tumeric powder (姜黄粉)
10g cumin powder (孜然粉)
4g chili powder (辣椒粉)
2g star anise powder (八角/八角粉)
2g licorice root (甘草/甘草粉)
1g ginger powder (姜粉)
1g cinnamon powder (桂皮粉)
1g white pepper powder (白胡椒粉)
1g clove powder (丁香酚), 2g
Chenpi dried aged tangerine peel powder (陈皮分) -or- orange peel powder -or- lemongrass powder
8 tbsp vegetable or peanut oil

Add the 8 tbsp of oil to a pan and get up to smoke point, then shut off the heat. Or about ~220C.

Once the oil’s cooled down a bit, ~150C, toss in the spices. Mix, let it cool down (needs about a half hour or so), then jar that up.

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